cor•ner•stone (noun)

A foundation. Something that is essential, indispensable.

Welcome to Cornerstone Operations Group. We are experts at powering the insurance back office, and we are here to build you a solid foundation on which to manage your alternative and traditional insurance programs.

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    Alternative Insurance Solutions

    Cornerstone develops and manages P&C insurance solutions for the specialty marketplace.  Your unique needs are supported by our expert team of industry veterans and innovative technologists.  We can:

    • Deploy practical solutions to implement niche products
    • Create relationships with fronts
    • Build alternative risk sharing structures
    • Execute the back room and statutory accounting

    We can also restore stability and increase value in under-performing programs in which changes to providers, market fluctuations, and distribution conflicts have degraded performance and expectations. We help build long-term success through our team of professionals, insurance office processes, and state-of-the-art technology.

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    Traditional Insurance Solutions

    Cornerstone provides back office solutions for insurers, fronted and MGA propositions on traditional P&C insurance lines of business. Our fully auditable and verifiable insurance administration platform provides:

    • Policy Administration
    • First Notice of Loss
    • Claims Management and Settlement
    • Statutory and Financial Insurance Reporting

    Our back office services are available in a full-service model or a la carte. Whether you are a start-up insurer, need to implement efficiencies and cost savings, or seek a succession plan for your business, Cornerstone supports your needs through our processes, technology and insurance professionals.

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