A Strong Foundation Starts Here

At Cornerstone, we understand that a successful solution needs to have a great foundation – flexible yet strong, highly capable yet cost-effective. Our team has the experience to make that strong foundation possible.

Our Story

Cornerstone Operations Group was born from the idea that solutions for the insurance world could be – and should be – smarter. It was an idea that our three founding members shared in 2010.

The idea became reality when Kathy Wallace Wee was an IT consultant for a mutual management company run by Mark Keyser and Joseph King. It was clear that the vast majority of software systems used to run back offices were flawed. They were also quite expensive.

After closer examination of the market, the team decided it was time to take action. Step one was to secure their own insurance software platform. Step two was to leverage the team’s strong IT skills and transform their platform into a powerful, highly customized technology that would change the way back offices are run. Their first client, with ambition to be in all 50 states, quickly came on board. Within weeks, the team was managing 10,000 policies a month and within six months, operating in all 50 states. Cornerstone Operations Group was born.

Cornerstone is 100% based in the United States, from our vendors and IT resources to our Call Center.  We, and our subsidiary, Cornerstone Insurance Producers, operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and hold claims adjuster, agency and P&C third party administrator licenses, as required by law.  We are headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and have a west coast office located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Amazing People

In just a few years, our team has welcomed new clients of all sizes. Our technology platform continues to be one of our biggest differentiators, but it’s not the only thing that contributes to our success.

What makes us – and our clients – so successful is our diverse mix of talented, passionate employees. Back office expertise requires more than insurance designations. There’s project management, transactional processing, document printing and distribution, and the handling of customer service calls. So we built a mighty team with strong skills in all of these areas. They make us more efficient and more cost-effective, and they are the reason our clients’ back office operations run better than anyone else’s.

Mark Kay

Cornerstone acts as the Program Administrator for a large association captive, managed from our offices in the Cayman Islands. They have provided an excellent level of service since the inception of the program in 2011. The program has gone through several changes and the ability of Cornerstone to adapt to these complex changes and create new levels of programming where required, while still maintaining data accuracy and meeting the tight reporting deadlines, has been a truly great achievement.

Mark Kay, FCCA, Atlas Insurance Company